My work is sold in several local galleries and upcoming events.
Most of the work in these images are one of a kind and may already have found a happy owner.
To request more information on a specific item or to place an order, please contact me!
(Click images below for a closer look)
Bangle type bracelets made in various color combinations.
Sewing tecnique creates a raised texture and the colors make for a lively play.
Pyramids in grid. Black and silver tone seed beads woven in right angle weave to create a flexible wide cuff
Rosettes of pearls and beads. Units connected to form a bracelet.
Bubble Cuff
A wide cuff type bracelet in blacks and grey with fine silver closure.
Donated to the WGBH spring auction 2015.
Large coin pearls encased in beading.
A beautiful wide yet light weight bracelet in green and lilac.
Pearl Links in Green
Pearls on a beaded base.
Specially designed for the "Spring Fever" exhibit at the League of NH Craftsmen show April/May 2015.
Right angle weave bead base with a layer of pearls in peacock color.
Chunky ladder cuffs, large seed beads in right angle weave with fire polished beads embellishment, fine silver button closures.
Hexagon peyote rings cuff
Bubble cuffs in purple
Pearl cluster medallions
Cube cuff -wide in black with peacock pearls
Pear cubes connect
Cube cuffs in green
"Rock candy" cuff with square toggle closure
Pearl medallions
Bubble cuff in amber with toggle closure
Pearl carpet narrow in green and copper
Pearl carpet wide in dark amber
Chuncky pyramids, large seed beads in right angle weave stitch, connected units in silver tones.
Snow Queen
Chunky pyramids in black, with a fine silver C-clasp closure.
Pearl rows cuff in purple
Pearl caterpillar -white
"Tribal" bracelet with white coin pearls
Bangle of twisted ropes with C-clasp
"Cuff of Black Drops" 3D right angle weave with top layer of drop shape beads, fine silver toggle closure
"Pearl Squares" Two layers of right angle weave in frosted white, peacock pearls, fine silver toggle
"Pearl Carpet" Seed bead base with fresh water pearl layer in blue green, fine silver button
Honeycomb, cuff bracelet in right angle weave stitch with fine silver toggle bar closure
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