My work is sold in several local galleries and upcoming events.
Most of the work in these images are one of a kind and may already have found a happy owner.
To request more information on a specific item or to place an order, please contact me!
(Click images below for a closer look)
Coin Coccoon in silver tone.
White coin pearl backed in delica beads.
Square coin in green.
Coin pearl backed in green delica beads.
Double coin in blush.
Square coin pearls backed in amber delica beads.
Cube. Size 8 seed beads form a cube shape,
sewn in right angle weave.
Half Cube with drops.
Size 8 seed beads form a cube with added drop beads.
Pearl Cob.
Seed bead core covered in seed pearls.
Ring of Drops.
Delica beads form a ring edged in drop beads.
Cube ladder with fresh water pearls
Seed bead woven earrings
Peyote tube with fresh water pearl
Encased coin pearls
Short tube with drop shape beads as top layer
Cluster of fresh water pearls sewn onto sterling jump ring
Short tube with fresh water pearl layer
3D right angle weave forms a cube shape
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